Hi! I’m Furies.  Thanks for stopping by.  Be NICE in our sandbox!  Notice.. lack of ads?

I scrounged up my loose change and paid for the domain, web tools, etc… so noADS, no selling your info, no spam!  As a result, I am owner, designer, writer, editor, and janitor!

Furies  ~ ackkkkk… not the furry loving …Greek spirits of vengeance and justice.. play on words… spirits…

I loved booze..and I was so angry with myself and the world when I went on the binge that broke my sobriety of 9 years.. furious… furies etc.

I have been struggling with substance abuse (mainly alchohol) my entire adult life and have also abused most drugs that have been available.

My main tools for staying sober in the past have been provided by 12 step programs and attending many, many meetings over the years.

I have relapsed multiple times and was sober for over 9 years at one point… complacency made me think that i could drink and use like a “normal” person… it wasn’t long before I was even worse off than before.

This time my body screamed I needed to stop. And i realized that I needed more than AA to help me stay sober. With that, I began researching other programs of recovery.  Silly me thought that the years of my sobriety would have seen amazing advances in recovery program options, but sadly not the case.

I reviewed the current 12 step programs and was pleasantly surprised to see their expansion to include secular, humanistic, agnostic and a wide of religious adaptions.

I also looked into other such as Celebrate Recovery, LifeRing, Sober Recovery, Moderation.org,  Rational Recovery and really had some AHA moments when I found SMART Recovery.

I recently completed the SMART facilitator training and plan to start supporting in person and online meetings.

I also see the value in 12 Step programs – the fellowship for like minded people, and have really done a lot of research on the early days of AA.

At the end of the day, my goal is selfish:  to be sober and go to sleep content knowing that I helped another person in recovery.

A friend in NEED is a friend indeed.

Thanks for reading,