12 step programs have embraced a wide range of spiritual, religous and agnostic beliefs.  This page is my own journey in exploring these fascinating alternatives and is in no way fully representative…..Image result for alternative thinking images

Agnostic – The word “Agnostica” is derived from Chapter Four, “We Agnostics,” of Alcoholics Anonymous, otherwise known as the “Big Book”. When we use the word “agnostic” in relation to AA – or words like “atheist” or “freethinker” – we are simply referring to the specific wisdom of groups and individuals within the fellowship who understand that belief in a “God” (of any understanding) is not a necessary part of recovery from alcoholism.

The experience, strength and hope of these women and men form the basis for the pages and posts on the AA Agnostica website and are often a comfort and an inspiration for others in AA.


The All Addicts Anonymous Program is a thoroughly tested and proven answer to addiction — but its healing power extends very far beyond that sphere. AAA experience proves that any addict — drunk, drug addict, resenter, smoker, crazy eater, gambler, masturbator, depressive, worrier, liar — can attain spiritual awakening, self-control, sanity, peace, and joy if he or she will go to sufficient lengths in adopting the Four Absolutes, the Twelve Steps, and the Ten Points as a way of life.

In order to succeed in the All Addicts Anonymous way of life — in order to get sober and stay sober, or get clean and stay clean — do the following:

Go to meetings — learn the Four Absolutes, the Twelve Steps, and the Ten Points — practice these principles in all your affairs. Do this, in your own way, in your own time — but do it — and your chances of permanent, life-long recovery are very high — pressing 100%.


Humanist Alternative to A.A.’s Twelve Steps:  by B.F. Skinner ~ Several people have told me that they turned to Alcoholics Anonymous for help but have been offended by its heavily religious character. In view of this, I have proposed a humanistic alternative to A.A.’s “The Twelve Steps.” I sent this version to Alcoholics Anonymous, suggesting that they offer it as an alternative for nonreligious members.


SACRED CONNECTIONS:  12 Wisdom Steps:  This interactive web site provides an easy-to-use instrument which demonstrates how the universal principles found in the 12 Steps of  A.A., are also found in each of the wisdom traditions.  These site includes in depth analysis of each belief: Buddhism, Cosmology, Islam Judaism, Taoism, Christianity, and Hinduism.
*Click on the Tradition or drop-down menu to discover the Steps

*Click on the outer ring or drop-down menu to find the Principles

This site is truly inspirational and a must see for anyone  interested in 12 steps or the religion as a whole.   FURIES PICK for amazing resource!!!!