SMART Recovery® – Tool Chest and Homework
SMART Recovery  (Self Management and Recovery Training) helps people get back their lives without telling them exactly what to do.  It is a 4-Point, tool driven program, offering tools and techniques for:
• Building and Maintaining Motivation
• Coping with Urges
• Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors
• Living a Balanced Life
Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step of your life.
I typed this for a friend of mine considering using SMART tools:SMART really does boil  down to a simple process:
  • Values (HOV ~what is important to me)
  • Look at cost benefits(CBA is using worth it)
  • Make a plan to change(CPW)
  • Learn a tool to deal with difficult situations (ABC)
This is the link to the SMART Tool Chest:  ?
Video on tools does an amazing job of bringing the SMART tools and  exercises to “life”
SMART youtube channel.. ~
SMART podcasts:   ~
SMART Blogs:  ~
SMART Recovery On Line:  (SROL)
One of  the moderators posted this when I asked why SMART made sense ~
SMART does NOT require you to:
• Believe in a Higher Power (although it’s okay if you do)
• Commit to abstinence for life (though our abstinence based program aims to help you regardless of your plans)
• Commit to attending meetings for life (you are welcome at our meetings for as long as they are helpful to you)
• Label yourself an “addict” or an “alcoholic” (we discourage the use of all negative or disparaging labels)
• Proclaim yourself powerless over your addiction (you are not powerless)
• Accept the guidance of a Sponsor, or commit to any requirements other than the goals of recovery that you set for yourself
 Some folks do SMART and other programs.. whatever works for you. power of choice