Have you heard the endless discussions of “my program is better than yours”?

Wonder why … why they cant get along?

I have been asked by a few friends to start writing about my experiences working with tools from both SMART recovery and AA… This seems to be a great starting point.

AA.. 12 steps … the gold standard for the recovery model.  Meetings, sponsor, steps and turn it over to your higher power of your choice. Concepts of alcholism as a disease or illness or behavior, higher power, and powerless are often points of debate.

The founders of AA took much from the Oxford Group and initially had  6 steps.  Members guided new folks  through the steps quickly and encouraged them to work with others to get sober.  Folks often distinguish between the program and the fellowship… 12 steps and 12 traditions.

I think SMART makes a lot of sense! The tools and concepts really do apply a process based on each person identifying their issues and applying what helps them.  BUT… SMART is NOT for folks who need sponsors and real guidance…

There are no sponsors rather peer support.

I wrote this for a friend of mine considering using SMART tools:
SMART really does boil down to a simple process:
Values (HOV ~what is important to me)
Look at cost benefits(CBA is using worth it)
Make a plan to change(CPW)
Learn a tool to deal with difficult situations (ABC)

One of the moderators posted this when I asked why SMART made sense ~
SMART does NOT require you to:
• Believe in a Higher Power (although it’s okay if you do)
• Commit to abstinence for life (though our abstinence based program aims to help you regardless of your plans)
• Commit to attending meetings for life (you are welcome at our meetings for as long as they are helpful to you)
• Label yourself an “addict” or an “alcoholic” (we discourage the use of all negative or disparaging labels)
• Proclaim yourself powerless over your addiction (you are not powerless)
• Accept the guidance of a Sponsor, or commit to any requirements other than the goals of recovery that you set for yourself

Some folks do SMART and other programs.. whatever works for you. power of choiceSMART Cap Selfie

Furies (and yes, that’s me  – a dude!  wearing my spiffy SMART cap… )


Progams and Variations:  so many choices, too little time!  My ponderings are meant to reflect MY experience and I  will be sharing what I have discovered along the way..  I do not claim to be an expert nor have an exhaustively thorough listing…. if I miss some and find out about it, I will research and update accordingly… MY site  – my rules.. thanks for the suggestions.