„ʞuıɥ⊥ ʞuıɥ⊥ ʞuıɥ⊥„

„ʞuıɥ⊥ ʞuıɥ⊥ ʞuıɥ⊥„
Why that’s just plain … silly talk….
Upside down thinking thinking for a crazy mixed up side down world!Ultimate Critical Thinking Cheat Sheet | Nat Geo Education Blog
No thanks. thinking is what got me here in the first place.
THINK, THInk, Think…. “think ing”
Thinking too much
Thinking too little
Thinking TOO MUCH at the wrong times!
NOT thinking at the right times
“What was I THINKING”.. or not
Think before you speak: “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”
We can Think through a thought or urge of picking up a Drink.
Remembering the past and where that first Drink will take us is a powerful line of defense.
“My mind is like a real Bad Neighborhood, should not go there alone”
Maybe your topic deserves a KISS!Image result for thinking thinking thinking images
Keep it simple silly!

5 thoughts on “„ʞuıɥ⊥ ʞuıɥ⊥ ʞuıɥ⊥„”

  1. As a career worrier I can say it never helped any situation and left me anxious and I acted out inappropriately many times. because my thinking was askew!
    I have tools to dispute my dangerous thinking now and very grateful for that.
    Thanks Furies for these graphics too!

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