Videos Recovery

Recovery videos.. what did we do before youtube?

My favorite… snippets from the movie Airplane.. “I picked the wrong week to quit….”

I love this video of the song “One Tin Soldier” .. hmm maybe theme for sandbox?


Stoicsism  – Cartoonish in 6 Minutes.. Marcus and Epictitus Even!  Many accuse me of being stoic.. um did spend 6 years in military

Relapse Prevention Video by Dr Steven Melemis.. worth watchin

How I overcame alcoholism | Claudia Christian | TEDxLondonBusinessSchool  – This is an amazing Life Journey.. truly worth watching

AA Speakers – Joe and Charlie – “There is a Solution”

SMART recovery has their own dedicated youtube and podcasts..

SMART  video does an amazing job of bringing the SMART tools and  exercises to “life” ~ about 45 minutes.. best to watch and have paper and pen:

Robbin Williams – Alcoholics

John Cleese’s Monty Python Picks!  Recovery is better with Monty Python

KJ – 52:  Mountain Dew Anonymous

AA Meeting Gone Wrong


Tyrone Goes to Glass for Drug Awareness

Spoof:  what 12 step meeting isnt

Other video links coming!


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