Thanks for stopping by! This is my blog highlighting my adventures in Recovery

Hi there.  if you found this blog, welcome!

I have struggled with subtance abuse most of my adult life and was invited to AA via a nasty dui early in my life.

Fast forward to now, and have explored many programs of recovery – AA, SMART,  Rational Recovery and others.

Not all of those days have been the best days of my life – but being sober has allowed me to approach each day clear headed and prepared to actively engage with whatever life has in store for me.

The urge to drink has greatly eased with time and I have learned to identify places, people, and things that trigger cravings which lead to urges… and write in my journal every day that urges can not hurt me, will pass, and will not make me use…

I have done an amazing amount of work dealing with why I needed to drink and learning to change my thinking and behavior – what an mixed up bag of emotions this adventure has been and will continue to be going forward.

My main purpose for this site is to show how various recovery programs can complement each other.. for me, that means some tools and fellowship that work for ME……

So, be patient as I learn how to build and support this effort..

I have a ton of useful links and a few real world ideas on how to help others  – share MY experience, strengh and HOPE.


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